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About Connor Reside

Connor J. Reside is an invaluable asset to the Bold Real Estate team. He began working for Bold in 2011, as an executive assistant and since then he has advanced not only his education, but also his role, by becoming the office manager of nearby Governors Club Realty. Most recently Connor has transitioned into a full time North Carolina Real Estate Broker.

Before joining the Bold team, Connor worked in the mental health care field, providing intensive in home therapy and skills training. On his own initiative, Connor has become a technical expert, providing tech support, network installation and management, and conducting computer repairs while also doing things such as engaging in social media and online marketing, graphic design, and website development.

Born abroad, Connor has a passion for traveling. While here in the Triangle, he’s always looking for new niches and trying out an array of adventures. Connor enjoys learning about his community and takes in a variety of experiences with his friends and family. Connor brings a genuine warmth and smile to all around him. He easily interacts with all in a personable way and makes finding your perfect home, a positive experience to remember. Come by Bold Real Estate and let Connor connect you to your future investment today!